Located at the corner of Lark and Lancaster Streets in Albany, NY



We have a strong tradition of church music here at Trinity Church.  This includes traditional and contemporary hymns, organ and other instrumental music, and a range of sacred music offerings by our Chancel Choir and soloists.  Our Choir Director, Frank Leavitt, welcomes new singers to join the choir.  All vocal ranges are welcome.  The Choir rehearses on Thursdays at 7 PM.  Call the Church Office for details.

The beauty and power of organ music has always had a central place at Trinity.  Our Church has two pipe organs, both designed and installed by the M.P. Moller Organ Company in 1933.  The Sanctuary Organ was designed by Moller tonal director Richard O. Whitelegg.  It draws upon English tradition and is a fine example of the “Romantic” organ: a product of its time. The four manual instrument featured a tuba chorus and echo division and represented one of Moller‘s finest instruments.  Later rebuilds expanded the organ to include an antiphonal organ and festival trumpets.  Our organist and organ curator, Curtis Funk, provides inspiring music each week. Talented members of the congregation occasionally provide music during the service.