Located at the corner of Lark and Lancaster Streets in Albany, NY

Why We Joined

I have to admit that I came to Trinity as a bit of a skeptic. I had a bad experience at a previous congregation and so I came in a bit guarded. After being at Trinity for some time, however, I came to realize that this was a special place.  In addition to the talented minister, beautiful music, enchanting building, and warm-hearted people, this was a place where I genuinely felt a spiritual connection. I could feel that God was present here, that this was a sacred space. At risk of sounding a bit hokey, I could really feel the love here.

Paul Knudson

Trinity Member
Why is Trinity my faith home? I came here 30 years ago looking for a place to marry and with the understanding that the place my husband and I chose would be our church home for years to come. We came into a warm and welcoming congregation, and we stayed (with a brief hiatus) for the next 30 years. We’ve changed, but Trinity is still the warm and welcoming faith home I came into 30 years ago–that has not changed. Here I find comfort and sustenance and the opportunity to provide comfort and sustenance myself.  I invite you to see for yourself.

Alberta Ryan-Pepper

Trinity Member
There are several things that drew us to Trinity after we relocated to Albany from Syracuse. The thoughtful sermons and the surprisingly good music from a small group as well as the organ that fills the sanctuary were the things we first noticed. But now, after two years, we are fulfilled and stimulated by the members. Ours is a very mixed group in every way, but somehow we are all together as one. The warmth and sincerity is evident as we pass the peace in the early part of the service. We are so eager to greet each other and to welcome visitors that the pastor frequently must wait for us all to get back to our seats before he can continue the service! We are a blessing to each other and are the living embodiment of being the church together.

Stephanie and Greg Threatte

Trinity Members