Located at the corner of Lark and Lancaster Streets in Albany, NY


Three Centuries of Community

Trinity Church’s current name and location date back to 1867. Yet the history of the congregation extends much further—to the first Methodist preaching in Albany by Captain Thomas Webb in 1765. Since the establishment of the First Methodist society in 1789, our congregation has had more than ten different homes. The many buildings that have housed Trinity demonstrate that the church is not just a place but a vibrant community that is committed to each other and to the spirit we share.

That commitment was tested in 1901 and again in 1931, when Trinity suffered devastating fires. Both times, the congregation chose to stay together and rebuild. The current building, completed in 1933, contains several references to the church’s past, including stained glass depictions of Methodist history and wood carvings that represent our historical ties with Beth Emeth Temple and other area congregations.